As we approach the end of the year the Tayside Bus Alliance have taken stock of our activities since the inception of our project, in March, and the various steps achieved in the period since. The work of the alliance splits into phases, including the delivery of a transport appraisal, following Scottish Government Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) as phase 1; the completion of an outline and full business case in subsequent phases, where approved by Transport Scotland; and the delivery of bus priority infrastructure, associated bus service enhancements, timetable and ticketing match in kind measures.

Figure 1: Tayside Bus Alliance progress and phases

The initial stages, undertaken since the project inception in March 2022, confirmed both the case for change and an initial options appraisal exercise. In so doing the project established the areas where bus service priorities and associated measures were appropriate and may result in a positive benefit to passenger experience, numbers and service delivery. The work was closely allied to public engagement, seeking the views of both bus users and non-users, to establishing the areas where improvements were necessary and beneficial.

Each of the project tasks and deliverables are overseen by the members of the Tayside Bus Alliance, which include local bus operators, representatives from our councils, and bus users representative groups. Individual copies of the reporting can also be requested via our website:

Transport Policy Options and Corridors for appraisal
As the work has developed individual policy options and route corridors have been identified. These include a series of radial routes, highlighted by city in the maps below, and a methodology to assess the

Figures 2-5: Maps of potential route corridors by authority area and city

Initial route options identified from 1 – 20 were tested through an initial appraisal, together with advice from the alliance members and Transport Scotland to establish those that would be likely to achieve high levels of benefit under the Bus Partnership Fund, and those that may qualify for alternative funding methods, including the concept of Quick Wins, being a small scale rapid development process. Corridor prioritisation being based on assessments of the network, deliverability and potential benefits, see figure 6. The prioritisation process is ongoing and will be further reported in subsequent briefing notes.

Figure 6: Corridor prioritisation analyses

Immediate tasks
Having completed the initial case for change and preliminary appraisal, the alliance has started the transport modelling and detailed appraisal stages. It is anticipated that outcomes of these will be seen in the approach to the new year, and reported in the period from January to February 2023.

Further engagement will be follow early in the new year, with activities including public surveys, consultation with council members and other stakeholders on the findings of the detailed options appraisal.

The phase 1 activities concluding by the end of March 2023 with a Strategic Business case being presented to Transport Scotland. This stage being followed by a Gateway Review, assessing the options presented and identifying the extent to which these may move forward to phases 2 and 3, leading to delivery of improved services on the ground.

Being Involved
A core element in the success of our work relies on the input and comments from the public, council representatives, and member stakeholders. Our work is highlighted on our website, and feedback, comments and concerns can be raised directly through the website or the contact details given below.

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