The Bus Alliance has moved several steps forward in the development of options at a preliminary level, which have been completed, and in the development of a framework for detailed appraisal. The options thus developed have been presented on a corridor basis, in line with the original 20 corridors, illustrated in the maps below.

Map 1: Route corridors under analysis, Perth

Map 2: Route corridors under analysis, Dundee and Angus

Map 3: Route corridors under analysis, Fife, St Andrews corridor

Critically we have sought and received comment from council transport officers, the general public, and bus operators, who have been involved through a series of surveys and workshops. We are also developing council elected members workshops that will be detailed via the officers shortly, to provide a detailed review of the corridors and their potential impacts.
The preliminary options appraisal has been developed with comments from Transport Scotland, who remain engaged and supportive of the project through our monthly management meetings.
The next steps in the work include the development of modelling, which we have already commenced using Paramics and regional models.
We are in the process of finalising our Transport Policy Objectives, and potential solutions to meet these, allowing us to get not finer detailed modelling that considers the way people use bus services, the routes and bus-stop characteristics, and links to other work under development, such as the Low Emissions Zone in Dundee, active travel work throughout the region and similar initiatives that support better, faster and more environmentally friendly transport outcomes.

Having undertaken exercises to understand public choices, needs and priorities, we are developing a further set of workshops to get direct input from our councils. These will be developed in the near future with further information available shortly.

Findings from the consultation exercises feed directly into the detailed options appraisal exercise, and the draft and final versions of our reporting.

As the work develops we will be talking more with our councils and stakeholders. Future briefing notes will report back on our progress in the next steps and how we propose to deliver final reports to councils and to Transport Scotland.

Being Involved
We will provide regular updates on our progress through this briefing note, as well as on our website. You are able to subscribe for further information via our website, or by email to our Project Manager, contact details are on our website. We are always happy to hear from you.

Details of our progress will be updated at our website:
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