The Alliance has undertaken an initial assessment of bus improvement measures for the Tayside area, and is currently in the process of detailed options appraisal as part of a number of steps that included:


A Case for Change phase – identifying the main transport problems in the Tayside region, alongside opportunities, issues and constraints for the study. It also set out a range of high-level objectives, from which a ‘long list’ of transport options were developed for consideration in the appraisal.


A Preliminary Options Appraisal – which assessed the transport options qualitatively against: the study objectives; Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance criteria (such as environment and economy); feasibility; affordability; and public acceptability. All options scored positively against the assessment criteria and were recommended for further appraisal.


And a Detailed Options Appraisal, the current stage, assessing packages of transport options at a detailed level.

Detailed Options Appraisal Document